Question: How Do I Send A Loud Sound To Someones IPhone?

How do I get my iPhone to play sound?

Play a sound Open the Find My app.

Choose the Devices tab.

Select your missing device, then choose Play Sound.

If your device is offline, it won’t play a sound until it connects to a network..

How do you call emergency?

Go to your contacts.Select the “Groups” tab.Select “ICE – emergency contacts”Use the icon to the right of “Find contacts” (a silouette with a plus sign) to add an emergency contact.Select an existing contact from your contact list, or enter the details of a new contact.More items…

Can I send a silent text on iPhone?

Go to the section called Silent Contacts and then tap the “+” in the top right corner and enter the username of any friends who also use Silent Text to add them. 6. Start Messaging. … Silent Text 2 functions just like the default text message app with the ability to send both texts and photos.

Can you send a loud noise to someones iPhone?

You can send any kind of noise to any phone; either record it and attach it to an email or a message, or send it live during a phone call.

Can you send an alert to an iPhone?

The good news is that iPhones will send you two text alerts when you receive a message, as well as the optional accompanying sounds. … To have your iPhone send single text alerts only, do this: Go to Settings >> Notifications >> Messages. Scroll down to Repeat Alert then set it to Never.

How do I get ahold of someone’s phone on silent?

AndroidGo to the ‘Phone’ app.Go to the ‘Contacts’ section.Select the contact(s) that you want to allow to ring even when your phone is on silent.Tap the ‘Star’ in the top right hand corner.

Can you have your phone on silent except for one person?

Go to Notifications > Do Not Disturb. You have several options. Either create a group, or have only those few people in your Favorites. … Now, to enable silent mode except for those two people turn on Do Not Disturb in Settings.

Can you make someones iphone ring when its on silent?

Do Not Disturb mode will silence all other calls and notifications, except if you have Repeated Calls switched on. If they can call you twice, that will bypass do not disturb. If the same # calls you twice within 3 minutes, your phone will ring.

Will Find My iPhone play sound if phone is off?

If the iPhone is offline, but not dead, you can tap Play Sound to help you locate your iPhone. If the iPhone is dead, you can toggle on Notify When Found to send notifications and a location update to your iPad the next time your iPhone is turned on.

How do you find an iPhone on silent without iCloud?

The first step to finding your iPhone is determining whether you lost your iPhone while out and about or it is somewhere nearby.Use Find My iPhone. … Use Your Google Maps History. … Use Your Dropbox Camera Upload. … Use a Third-Party App. … Tracking a Nearby iPhone. … Use Siri’s Voice Activation Feature. … Use Your Apple Watch.More items…

What is the little moon on my iPhone?

When you see a half-moon icon at the top of your iPhone’s home screen, it means that you’ve enabled Do Not Disturb mode. Do Not Disturb mode sends your calls directly to voicemail and turns off all notifications. It’s easy to turn off Do Not Disturb in two different ways.

Can you hide a text thread on iPhone?

Apple doesn’t provide a native option for hiding text messages inside the Messages app. However, there’s a useful Cydia tweak called HiddenConvos, which allows you to hide any conversation in the Messages app with a simple swipe and tap.

How can u hide the name of person texting you on iPhone?

Try this first: Settings > Notifications > Messages and set “Show Preview” to “Off”. If that doesn’t work for you, try Settings > Notifications > Messages, and set the Alert Style to “None”. Make Sure the Badge App icon is “On”. You can change the way texts are displayed in Settings > Notifications > Messages.

How do you send a wake up call?

Wake Up Call Handling Tips Give full attention to write proper room number, name and time to wake-up guest to avoid any mistake. Always ensure that guest really wakes up after your call. You can politely ask the guest that if he wants to have a 2nd wake-up call or not.

How do I send a sound from my iPhone?

Play a sound on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple WatchIn Find My iPhone on, click All Devices, then select the device you want to play a sound on. If you don’t see All Devices, it’s because you’ve already selected a device. … Click Play Sound.

Is there a way to send an alarm to someone’s phone?

Galarm Is a Group Alarm App for Android and iOS That You Didn’t Know You Needed. Galarm – group alarm – is a very simple sounding app that is actually surprisingly useful. … After all, if you need to set an alarm, you set an alarm – and if you want to make sure that someone else is on time, you can just call them.

How do I wake my iphone up on silent?

You can’t, unless the owner has set the contacts list for you to overcome the silent ring. If you know their android or iphone login details, you can login as them and treat the situation as though it were a lost phone. Then, even if the phone was turned off, it would still ring.

How do I make my iPhone ring for certain contacts?

Here’s how to set it up:Launch Contacts.Tap the contact you want and then tap Edit.Tap Ringtone (or tap Text Tone if you want texts to go through).Set the Emergency Bypass toggle to On.