Question: What Does Free Of Charge Mean?

What does free service mean?

old English law.

: one of such feudal services as were not unbecoming the character of a soldier or a freeman to perform (as to serve under his lord in war) —usually used in plural..

What is another word for free of charge?

What is another word for free of charge?complimentaryfor freegratuitouswithout chargecostlesschargelesscourtesyunpaidfreebieat no cost27 more rows

What is a complimentary sentence?

given/supplied free of charge. Examples of Complimentary in a sentence. 1. The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast that is free of charge for any guest that books a room.

How do you use the word complimentary?

Complimentary sentence examplesShe crossed to the small desk and rustled around for the complimentary paper and pen. … (Richard Blackbourne, a friend of Hobbes’s admirer, John Aubrey), and reprinted, with complimentary verses by Cowley and others, at the beginning of Sir W.More items…

What is a charge person?

if a person or thing is in your charge, you are responsible for taking care of them. She always worried a lot about the young children in her charge. Synonyms and related words. + To be someone’s responsibility.

What Does complimentary mean?

1a : expressing praise or admiration : expressing or containing a compliment a complimentary remark. b : favorable the novel received complimentary reviews. 2 : given free as a courtesy or favor complimentary tickets.

What does free car service include?

What are included in free car services? … Some used car lots offer free oil changes or some dealers even offer a service plan included within the price. A free service from the manufacturer would cover the basics, oil and filters. Specified service plans can offer more but generally it’s the same.

What is a free car service?

The free services basically implies Zero Labor Cost and includes fine tuning, tyre rotation etc. However, for any engine oil, coolant, fuse, light, Brake oil etc or parts if replaced, this is payable to the workshop.

Do you get free servicing with a new car?

We clear up the confusion about whether car owners must have their cars serviced by a franchised dealership to protect their new car warranty. … The short answer is that, for warranty purposes, you don’t have to have your car serviced by a franchised dealership. However, that may affect your car finance agreement.

Does complimentary mean free?

Complimentary means “expressing a compliment” or “favorable.” It can also mean “free” in reference to items or services provided as a courtesy. Complementary refers to enhancing or emphasizing the qualities of another person or thing.

What does it mean to be a charge?

Charge is what a cavalry does when it rushes towards enemy lines. … A charge is also the cost of something. When you are “in charge,” it means that you are in command of everything. And when you are “in charge of,” it means that you have a specific responsibility.

What is free charge in physics?

: the part of the electric charge on a conductor that escapes to earth when the conductor is grounded.

How do I use free of charge?

Schooling leading to a qualification has traditionally been free of charge. Local government provided medical care for paupers free of charge in their homes or in a workhouse infirmary. I will take hide and offal, leave no mess free of charge. The reports are available free of charge on request.

How do you say something is free?

complimentary. We can use complimentary to talk about something provided for free, often as a gift.