Question: What Is Another Word For Impulsive?

What is another word for uncontrolled?

What is another word for uncontrolled?abandonedfrenziedunboundeduncheckedunconstrainedundisciplinedungoverneduninhibitedunsuppressedwild70 more rows.

What are examples of impulsive behavior?

Some examples of impulsive behaviours include:Engaging in dangerous activities without considering possible consequences.Difficulty waiting turns.Calling out in class.Intruding in on or interrupting conversations or games.Blurting out answers before questions have been completed.

Is impulsive a negative word?

In both cases, the individual is taking decisions on the spur of the moment; he does things without really considering the consequences of his action. Of the two, ‘impetuous’ has a negative connotation. … Being impulsive, however, need not necessarily be bad; an impulsive decision may result in something good happening.

What does emotionally impulsive mean?

Emotional impulsivity (EI): Impulsivity is broadly defined in the DSM-V as actions that are poorly conceived, prematurely expressed, unnecessarily risky, and inappropriate to the situation. EI specifically was defined by Barkley in 20151 as difficulties with emotion generation that is highly impulsive.

What are synonyms for impulsive?


What is the definition for impulsive?

: doing things or tending to do things suddenly and without careful thought : acting or tending to act on impulse. : done suddenly and without planning : resulting from a sudden impulse. See the full definition for impulsive in the English Language Learners Dictionary. impulsive.