Question: Which Of The Following Is A Legal Reason To Report A Boating Accident?

What types of boating accidents must be reported?

Reporting a boating accidentA person dies,A person is injured and requires medical treatment beyond first-aid,A person disappears from the boat under circumstances that indicate death or injury, or.Damage to the boat and other property totals more than $2,000, or there is a complete loss of the vessel..

Who is liable in a boating accident?

The driver/owner of the boat is responsible for making sure the vessel is operated in a safe manner at all times and is properly equipped and maintained. If they fail in these duties and a passenger on their boat is injured then they may be liable in negligence.

What is the first thing you should do if you are involved in a boat collision?

assist the crew of the other vessel if it is safe to do so. file an accident report with the local authorities if damage exceeds $1,000 has occurred, or the seaworthiness of either vessel has been compromised. report the collision to the local law enforcement agency if serious injury or death has occurred.

How long does a vessel operator have to report an accident?

Reports must be submitted within 48 hours in case of death occurring within 24 hours of an accident, disappearance, or injury beyond first aid. All other reports must be submitted within 10 days of the accident.

When must a boating accident be reported?

A completed Vessel Incident Report must be forwarded to Maritime within 24 hours setting out the particulars of the incident if one of the following applies: The incident has resulted in the death, or injury to, a person. The incident has result in damage in excess of $5000 to a vessel of any other property.

What action is required of an operator in a boating accident?

An operator involved in a boating accident must: Stop his or her vessel immediately at the scene of the accident and… Assist anyone injured or in danger from the accident, unless doing so would seriously endanger his or her own vessel or passengers and…