Quick Answer: How Did Troy Change In Fences?

What happens to Troy in Fences?

Troy swings the baseball bat in the air, taunting Death.

Eight years later, Raynell plays in her newly planted garden.

Troy has died from a heart attack.

Cory returns home from the Marines to attend Troy’s funeral..

Why did Troy build his fence?

Because of his combative nature, Troy assumes the fence is meant to keep something out. It takes Bono to make Troy see that a fence can have the opposite effect. It’s possible that Rose asked Troy and Cory to build the fence as attempt to help the two to bond.

Why did Troy cheat on Rose fences?

When Rose finally finds out about this affair, Troy explains to her that the affair was a way of escaping the pressures of his everyday life—a way to be without the worries of mundane home-related stresses, such as paying the bills and carrying out necessary home maintenance.

How did Troy die in fences?

Troy grabs the bat from Cory and drives him out of the yard. Disoriented, Troy once again challenges Death to come for him. Six years later, Troy has died of a heart attack, and Cory, now a USMC corporal, returns home, but informs Rose he will not attend Troy’s funeral.

What is the lesson in fences?

As I am always inspired by great art, here is my piece on the lessons I learnt from Fences; 1. Emptying yourself into another person at the expense of your dreams does not guarantee their love and devotion to you. You will be empty and they will be full of you whilst still flourishing in themselves.

Is Cory Troy’s biological son in fences?

Troy’s illegitimate child, mothered by Alberta, his lover. August Wilson introduces Raynell to the play as an infant. Her innocent need for care and support convinces Rose to take Troy back into the house.

Is Troy jealous of Cory?

In Troy’s mind, he doesn’t halt Cory’s sports career out of jealousy, but out of a fatherly urge to protect his son. We have a feeling that Troy puts an end to Cory’s football dreams out of both his own bitterness and an urge to protect his son.

What is the relationship between Troy and Cory in Fences?

This scene functions to show that Cory and Troy share a turbulent relationship in which they both dislike each other. While Troy dislikes Cory, he still loves him and displays his responsibility toward him. Likewise, Cory may dislike his dad but he still respects him and deep down he loves him.

How does Troy’s past affect his future in fences?

The short answer is that it affects his future in almost every possible sense, from how he approaches his day to day existence to how he treats his family. Troy is a man who is constantly depressed by his unrealized potential.

What does Troy fear in fences?

It is this fear that precludes him from connecting in a meaningful way with others, a fear that constructs “fences” between himself and others. It is this fear that prevents him from admitting Rose right in that Cory’s dream of playing football is akin to his own dream of playing baseball.

What is the conflict between Troy and Cory?

The conflict between Troy and Cory starts earlier on in life, because Cory has never felt love between him and his father. Also, Cory claims that Troy holds him back out of fear of Cory turning out better than him.

Why does Cory attack Troy?

Why does Cory attack Troy? Instead of hitting Cory what does Troy say to him? Cory feels that Troy doesn’t matter anymore, disrespects him and calls him out of the house. To get away from the house.