Quick Answer: When Should I Go To Trading Standards?

How do I report a local business?

To file a complaint, just go to ftc.gov/complaint, and answer the questions.

Or call That’s all there is to it.

If you’ve been ripped off or scammed, complain to the Federal Trade Commission.

It can help put the bad guys out of business..

What can Trading Standards help with?

Trading Standards are a government service that make sure that consumers are protected from unfair trading and allow them to successfully support businesses that are legitimate. … The TSO have to investigate complaints from consumers and then prosecute or hold business accountable.

Can you report to trading standards anonymously?

Alternatively you can also report information using our automated telephone number 0300 303 2636. Any information you provide will be treated in confidence, and you will remain anonymous.

How do I complain about a rogue trader?

Reporting a Rogue Trader If you experience any suspicious traders who call at your door offering to carry out work, or have been a victim of a doorstep rogue trader, please telephone 101 and report them to your Local Crime Reduction Officer.

What rights do customers have?

Consumers are protected by the Consumer Bill of Rights. The bill states that consumers have the right to be informed, the right to choose, the right to safety, the right to be heard, the right to have problems corrected, the right to consumer education, and the right to service.

What are my rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015?

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 changed our right to reject something faulty, and be entitled to a full refund in most cases, from a reasonable time to a fixed period (in most cases) of 30 days.

What do trading standards look for?

Trading standards services visit business premises for a number of reasons, but the underlying purpose of a visit is generally to check and ensure that the business is complying with the law as well as to address or investigate any non-compliance.

What are the 8 basic rights of the consumers?

The eight consumer rights are: The right to satisfaction of basic needs – to have access to basic, essential goods and services such as adequate food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, public utilities, water and sanitation.

How long do it take for Trading Standards investigations?

12 weeksHow long do Trading Standards investigations take? The length of a Trading Standards investigation may vary depending on the nature of the supposed breach. However, the Local Government Ombudsman recommends that councils should take no longer than 12 weeks.

What can you complain to trading standards about?

You should report a business to Trading Standards if they sold you something:unsafe or dangerous, like an electronic appliance with faulty wiring or food past its use-by date.fake.not as described – for example, you bought a package holiday but something advertised wasn’t included.More items…

Can you insist on a refund?

In general, you do not have to accept a credit note if your complaint is covered by consumer law (except in very limited cases for package holidays – see below). Instead, you can insist on a repair, a replacement or a refund. If you accept a credit note you may not be able to ask for a refund afterwards.

How much do trading standards officers earn?

Salaries for trainee TSOs within local government typically range from around £19,000 to £24,000. Once fully trained, you can earn around £25,000 to £35,000, depending on your experience. For senior TSOs salaries typically range from about £35,000 to £50,000. Experienced senior TSO managers can earn in excess of this.