What Ammo Do You Carry In Your Glock 43?

Is it safe to dry fire a Glock 44?

The G44 can also be safely dry-fired without any damage, as can happen with classic rimfire guns.

The GLOCK 44 fully stripped down: it counts the same number of parts as the G19.

Many components are specific, of course, such as the locking block, which has been replaced by a polymer part..

Can a 9mm shoot 40 caliber bullets?

Standard disclaimer, don’t fire anything from your gun that it wasn’t specifically designed to fire. Are there any handguns that can fire two different types of ammunition (i.e., 9mm and . 40)? Yes.

Is the Glock 43 worth buying?

The G43 is small and light enough for pocket carry. If you’ve pocket carried a Smith & Wesson hammerless snubbie 642, the Glock 43 is an easy choice for EDC. If you haven’t, pocket-carrying the Glock 43 is well worth the price of admission.

Is the Glock 43 obsolete?

Registered. The 43 still works but it is a dead end. All new subcompacts from Glock will be based on the 43X type magazine.

What is the difference between a Glock 43 and a Glock 43x?

While the Glock 43 comes with a flush 6 round magazine, the 43x holds 4 additional rounds to bump those rookie numbers up to 10 rounds with a flush magazine. When it comes to magazine capacity, bigger is almost always better and the 43x is certainly delivering with an additional 4 rounds.

What ammo does the Glock 43x use?

Compared to the Glock M45 9mm, left, the Glock 43X, right, is much slimmer. The primary loads used during the initial testing were handloads using the Hornady 124-grain HAP practice bullet and enough WW 231 powder for 1,050 fps.

What ammo does Glock recommend?

What kind of ammunition should I use in my GLOCK pistol? Can I use +P and +P+ ammunition? We recommend using ammunition that is manufactured and meets SAAMI or other industry standards, and while some +P ammunition meets these guidelines, +P+ usually does not.

Is the Glock 43x a good gun?

The Bottom Line After spending some time with the Glock 43X, I can say this is an ideal carry pistol. It offers the benefits of light weight, slim profile and easy concealment. Those are attributes shared by quite a few pistols. What’s more unique in this case is the handling.

What is the best ammo for a Glock 43x?

We’d recommend loads like the Federal HST Micro for the Glock 43. This ammo is specifically designed for short barreled pistols. You will have to learn how to put your G43 in good hands, though.

What kind of ammo does a 9mm Glock use?

The firearm is designed for the NATO-standard 9×19mm Parabellum pistol cartridge, but can use high-power (increased pressure) +P ammunition with either full-metal-jacket or jacketed hollow-point projectiles.

Can a Glock 43 handle plus P ammo?

Glocks are all +P compatible. I use +P in my 43 as a practice round, so that my recoil control on standard loads is improved.

How many shots does a Glock 43 hold?

6The Glock 43 comes with a flush magazine and a pinky-extension magazine. Both have 6-round capacity. As usual for small Glocks, there are several aftermarket options for magazine-capacity extensions. Same goes for trigger connectors, sights (though not too many as yet), and holsters.