When Did GTA 4 Get Released?

Lack of “fun” – what made pretty much all gta games fun was the destruction that could be caused with a tank.

Causing absolute mayhem was a real memory.

Gta 4 did not have much in the form of this..

How long is the GTA 4 story?

All StylesSingle-PlayerPolledAverageMain Story71327h 58mMain + Extras61242h 03mCompletionists13479h 24mAll PlayStyles1.5K38h 36m

Is GTA 4 Online dead?

More than a month after its initial removal, Rockstar Games finally announced that GTA IV will be coming back to the online games marketplace on March 19. Unfortunately, a significant chunk of the game will no longer be accessible, as the online modes have been cut.

Is GTA good for 12 year olds?

GTA 5 is not a game for kids and teens alike, because of the constant themes and choices of extreme violence, where you can choose to harm or murder criminals and innocent civilians alike with different types of weapons and explosives.

Will GTA 4 be remastered?

GTA IV’s biggest strengths, its story and setting, are still as good as they were in 2008. Its flaws are still present, but they have not changed in the last ten years, and cannot be changed by a remaster without making the game completely different. … In short, there is no reason for it to be remastered.

What does GTA 4 Complete Edition include?

It’s the Grand Theft Auto: Complete Edition, and it includes GTA IV along with its two DLCs, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. It’s only available for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Can you still buy GTA 4?

If you’re one of the few people out there who doesn’t already own Grand Theft Auto IV, unfortunately you can no longer buy it on Steam. … GTA IV relies on Microsoft’s old Games for Windows Live (GFWL) platform, which Microsoft confirmed would be discontinued back in 2013 before it shut down in 2014.

Is GTA 4 the best GTA?

But even if GTA 5 takes the cake as the best title in the brilliant Grand Theft Auto series, there are cases where its predecessor, GTA 4, come out on top. The graphics and side missions were better in GTA 5, but it is about time that GTA 4 gets the recognition it deserves.

Is GTA 4 released for Android?

After everyone hope 2018 December last time GTA 4 will Release. But now 2019 December GTA 4 is not available for Android and IOS.

Does GTA 4 hold up?

So to answer your question, in my personal opinion, no, it does not hold up. Every other game in the entire series holds up better than IV.

How many GB is GTA 4?

1.5GBMemory: 1.5GB. Free Hard Drive Space: 16GB.

Can I download GTA 3 on Android?

Grand Theft Auto 3 – the famous game GTA 3 is now on android!

Is gta5 better than GTA 4?

GTA V is way better than GTA IV in most aspects. gta v have more graphics,area,features,vehicles,missions etc. GTA IV on the other hand can be played in low end pc with min 512 mb graphics and processor whereas GTA V require more high specs. In my opinion,GTA San Andreas is better than GTA IV except in graphics.

What happens if you don’t kill Ivan in GTA 4?

If you decide to let Ivan live, he will give you an extra mission later on in the storyline. Killing him does not prevent you from getting 100% completion. We chose to kill him, but we’ll leave that choice up to you. Either way, the mission will end in victory, and you’ll become just a little bit richer.

Why did Dimitri betray Niko?

Basically, he overcompensated for his own perceived weaknesses. He got an in with Bulgarin when (Bulgarin) found out Dimitri was in a position to have Niko killed.

Why is GTA 4 so gray?

Because they didn’t have dynamic lighting in those. In GTA IV it’s just the style.

Which is the longest GTA game?

San AndreasThe longest game in the series is the popular San Andreas.

Why is GTA 4 Not on Android?

Now back to the topic, the biggest reason why they won’t bring GTA 4 on mobile devices is its tough to port a RAGE game to a mobile. The previous Rockstar Games were made using “RenderWare” engine which was used mostly in like PS2 era.